1830 Book of Mormon Leather Replica (2nd Edition)

  • $54.95

This is the ONLY Leather Bound replica.

Released by the best replica company - Stratford Books - this version is created by Grandin Artisans and is the most detailed, accurate replica ever produced. Unless you pay hundreds of dollars for hand-made recreations, this one is the ONLY REPLICA WITH 50 IMPORTANT FEATURES, including:


  • LEATHER COVER. No other mass-produced replica uses leather. Stratford Books' earlier versions used leather, but this leather is even finer, and is the color of the original when it came out in 1830. (Over the years, originals became darker with age.) One current replica edition uses plastic covers, claiming it is bonded leather! Others have thick brown covers created from paper and made to look like leather. But our replica is leather.
  • ACTUAL SEWN BINDING - other affordable versions are only glued, not sewn.


  • CORRECT 16 PAGE SIGNATURES - only this version has genuine 16 page signatures (groups of pages), like the original, and not modern 32 page sections like all the other replicas.
  • ALL TEXT CORRECTLY PLACED - while other replicas do reproduce the text from First Edition copies, as we do, not all replicas place ALL the text CORRECTLY on the pages. (
  • CORRECT NUMBER OF "END SHEETS" (the blank sheets in front and back) - this replica is the only one that is accurate.
  • ACCURATE SPINE ARTWORK - this version has the MOST CORRECT font, size, and lay-out of words and gold lines across the spine.
  • ACCURATE PAPER – this replica has the most correct color, and the ONLY correct pH, opacity, and thickness. (In fact, it measures to within 1/300th of an inch for the entire 592 page text block!) (Some replicas even use cheap quality paper called "groundwood," containing lignan, which creates acid that weakens paper, turns it brittle, and discolors it.) But this paper is high quality AND accurate.


Marvel at the First Edition in all its beauty, just as the pioneers did, with this gorgeous, leather, ACCURATE replica.