A Prophet's Voice:Thomas S. Monson

A Prophet's Voice:Thomas S. Monson

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A Message from Thomas S. Monson (hardcover)

Throughout his nearly fifty years as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, President Thomas S. Monson has presented countless messages of wisdom, inspiration, and doctrinal insight. He is perhaps best known for his gift of weaving true accounts into his addresses, bringing gospel principles to life through the enlightening experiences of individuals he has met or heard of in his ministry.

A Prophet's Voice brings together more than fifty of these classic addresses, including all the major general conference sermons President Monson has given since becoming the sixteenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Filled with warmth and reflection, these messages demonstrate the worth of every soul and the power of personal examples in our lives.

President Monson finds lessons in all kinds of everyday experiences, and he is known and loved for sharing those lessons in a way that reaches the hearts of his listeners. This landmark collection of his greatest messages will be a treasured addition to any gospel library.


Section One
The President's General Conference Messages
    1. Examples of Righteousness
    2. Looking Back and Moving Forward
    3. Abundantly Blessed
    4. To Learn, to Do, to Be
    5. Finding Joy in the Journey
    6. Be Your Best Self
    7. Be of Good Cheer
    8. School Thy Feelings, O My Brother
    9. What Have I Done for Someone Today?
    10. Preparation Brings Blessings
    11. He Is Risen!
    12. The Three Rs of Choice
    13. The Divine Gift of Gratitude
    14. Priesthood Power
    15. The Holy TempleÌ_Ì_̨A Beacon to the World
    16. Dare to Stand Alone
    17. Stand in Holy Places
    18. Willing and Worthy to Serve
    19. The Race of Life


Section Two
Other Classic Messages

The Blessings of Service

    1. Anonymous
    2. The Long Line of the Lonely
    3. To the Rescue
    4. Only a Teacher
    5. My Brother's Keeper
    6. A Sacred Gift
    7. Goal Beyond Victory
    8. Is There a Doctor in the House?
    9. Preparation Precedes Performance


The Worth of Souls

    1. Labels
    2. Yellow Canaries with Gray on Their Wings
    3. An Apostolic Odyssey
    4. Anxiously Engaged
    5. They Will Come
    6. The Service That Counts
    7. MiraclesÌ_Ì_̨Then and Now
    8. A Land of Miracles


The Hope of the Rising Generation

    1. Life's Greatest Questions
    2. The Faith of a Child
    3. Your Patriarchal Blessing: A Liahona of Light
    4. Decisions Determine Destiny
    5. A Little Child Shall Lead Them
    6. Primary Days


The Power of Self-Mastery

    1. Finishers Wanted
    2. Meeting Your Goliath
    3. How Firm a Foundation
    4. True to the Faith
    5. MercyÌ_Ì_̨The Divine Gift
    6. Peace, Be Still
    7. Hidden Wedges


The Path of a Disciple

  1. I Will Serve the Lord
  2. HappinessÌ_Ì_̨The Universal Quest
  3. Threads in Your Tapestry
  4. Three Goals to Guide You
  5. Joseph Smith, the Prophet
  6. They Showed the Way
  7. Charity Never Faileth
  8. Be a Light to the World


  • Size: 6 x 9
  • Pages: 528
  • Published: 09/2012