Becoming His - A Daily Journey Toward Discipleship (Hardcover)

Becoming His - A Daily Journey Toward Discipleship (Hardcover)

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Product Description

"There is one desire that fills my heart with longing over and above any other. I want to become a disciple of Christ, and in the course of my life's journey I hope to become His." With that thought, Emily Freeman begins her description of a journey — one that she invites everyone to join. It is a daily journey toward discipleship.

In this unique book, author Emily Freeman outlines a pattern of discipleship divided into twelve areas of focus, each containing invitations for personal growth, inspired counsel from prophets and apostles, and suggested scriptures to help us focus our efforts. As we follow this pattern, we come to understand that the process of discipleship has the power to transform and define us.

"When we become altogether committed to knowing and loving the Lord," writes Emily, "we begin to understand how altogether committed He is to knowing and loving us." This is the hope we need, the strength that keeps us going when times get difficult. This is the blessing of Becoming His.