The Best Two Years (DVD)

The Best Two Years (DVD)

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The Best Two Years tells the story of four missionaries who share an apartment in Amsterdam, Holland. Elder Rogers (KC Clyde) has only a couple of months to go on his mission, but his testimony and zeal for missionary work has suffered from hardships he experienced in letters from home. He is now only serving out his time with as little effort as possible when he is given a "greenie" from Oklahoma as a junior companion. Elder Calhoun (Kirby Heyborne) has the enthusiasm, innocence and naiveté of a new missionary, and the relationship between the two creates some very funny moments. 

These two elders share a typical missionary apartment with Elders van Pelt (Cameron Hopkin) and Johnson (David Nibley). Elder van Pelt fancies himself a rather handsome ladies man who is keeping an ongoing correspondence with three "girlfriends" back home. He is also very ambitious and sees himself as quickly moving up the ranks of missionary leadership. Elder Johnson is Elder van Pelt's senior companion and has a more "seasoned" view of being a missionary. He is looking forward to returning home and marrying his girlfriend, with whom he keeps an active correspondence going. Both elders have certain habits that tend to wear on the other. 

The dialogue is fast-paced and engaging. We follow the elders from the day of Elder Calhoun's arrival to the day of Elder Rogers' departure. The story is funny but also has dramatic moments as we witness Elder Rogers find his testimony and discover his real reasons for serving a mission from the simple but unshakeable faith of Elder Calhoun. 


The Best Two Years was shot on location in Amsterdam, Holland and Alpine, UT.