Easter Set

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Product Description

Are you looking for that perfect Easter tradition?

‘Tell Me The Stories’ brings you an ornamental Easter advent opportunity whereby each day you take an ornament, read a scripture and watch a video that relates to the ornament. The ornaments, scriptures and videos relate to the last week of the Saviour’s life, His atoning sacrifice and resurrection.

For example:
The Palm leaf is representing His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. You would read John 12:12-18 and/or Matthew 21:6-11 and watch this video.

If you are artistic you can paint creatively! If not, spray paint!

Some families like the raw, natural look.

I have painted mine pink and glittery!

I have also painted a large set with chalkboard paint and attached magnets to the back. These can go on the fridge and a chalk board pen can be used to write the correlating scriptures, the day of the week the event occurred or the chronological, numerical order on the ornament.

Included is a paper copy of the list of scriptures and video links.