Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon (DVD )

Heroes: Lessons from the Book of Mormon (DVD )

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By John Bytheway 

Favorite youth and young adult speaker John Bytheway makes the Book of Mormon come to life! Ideal for family night lessons, youth conferences, and missionary preparation, this DVD presentation invites all of us to not only read the Book of Mormon but to discover the adventure, the excitement, the inspiration, and especially the doctrines of Christ found within its pages.

From Nephi's obedience to Alma's courage to the faith of the wife of King Lamoni, Heroes:Lessons from the Book of Mormon is a must-see for anyone who wants to strengthen his or her testimony and gain a deeper appreciation for what John Bytheway calls "the most exciting book I own."

DVD Special Features:

  • Zarahemla Burger (comedy)
  • Bonus material from the book Righteous Warriors
  • "He Came for Me" music video
    Music by Hilary Weeks. Artwork by Walter Rane


  • Released: July 2005
  • Length: 99 Minutes