Home Teachers (DVD)

Home Teachers (DVD)

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Product Description

This is the third hilarious feature film from HaleStorm Entertainment. Michael Birkeland (who starred as main character Will Swenson's best buddy in 'The Singles Ward') plays a good-hearted but less than zealous home teacher. His new companion (played by comedian Jeff Birk) is determined that they will get all of their home teaching done. But it's the last day of the month, and seeing their families will entail a road trip fraught with more pratfalls, mishaps, and mayhem than any Elder's Quorum lesson ever prepared them for. 

Salt Lake Tribune reviewer Sean P. Means said of The Home Teachers: 'The leads are engaging, particularly Birkeland, who has a goofy, Chris Farley-esque appeal. Hale is showing signs of improvement: backing off the local-celebrity cameos... taking pains to explain LDS culture to outsiders, and going beyond the green Jell-O jokes to talk about the Mormon faith.' The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin said: 'Thanks to perpetually wholesome director Kurt Hale, the film is appropriate for the entire family, and sports some funny and poignant learning moments.' 

DVD Features:

Full-length commentary track by the filmmakers and actors

Deleted scenes, Outtakes, 'Making Of' Featurettes, More

Trailers for other LDS movies 

Released: June 2004 

Length: 80 minutes