Messiah Boxed Set

Messiah Boxed Set

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The Messiah Series Bundle (Paperback)

by Bruce R. McConkie


Product Description


Elder Bruce R. McConkie's landmark series on the life of Christ is available in a boxed set. This best-selling series examines the mission, ministry, and accomplishments of our Savior, and includes six powerful volumes.

  • The Mortal Messiah, Volume 1: Beginning with the prophecies that were coming to pass as the Advent of the Messiah approached, and expanding on Jesus Christ's childhood, His baptism, and early ministry, this landmark Spirit-filled volume is worth reading more than once.
  • The Mortal Messiah, Volume 2: Delving into the Savior’s Galilean ministry and reviewing the Sermon on the Mount and much of the Pharisaic opposition, volume two of The Mortal Messiah will provide readers with valuable insights.
  • The Mortal Messiah, Volume 3: This volume continues with the life of Christ at the peak of his Galilean ministry, with miraculous healings and the feeding of the four thousand, and continues through to the Savior’s sermon on the Mount of Olives which includes the Parable of the Ten Virgins and the Parable of the Talents.
  • The Mortal Messiah, Volume 4 Jesus — the Savior of the world, the Messiah — is preparing himself to die. His mortal ministry among men on earth is nearing an end, and he must prepare his disciples for what is to be — his betrayal and crucifixion.
  • The Promised Messiah This volume presents a careful analysis of prophecies concerning the First Coming of the Lord. The discourse deepens our understanding that Christ is the Savior, that he did indeed come to make atonement for the sins of men and thus opened up the way for them to return to his presence.
  • The Millennial Messiah Prophecies from ancient as well as modern scriptures are recounted, explained, and compared as the author delves into every aspect of the Savior's second advent. No careful reader can complete this book without adding significantly to his knowledge about the Christian world's most-heralded future event.