Monday Nights in Zarahemla

Monday Nights in Zarahemla

  • $24.95

Family home evening lessons just got easier. With 32 lessons based on Book of Mormon stories and principles, you can prepare fun, spiritual family home evenings in a snap!

Each lesson includes the following aids:


  • Background Information, explains who you are reading about and helps you make the connection between this story and other Book of Mormon stories
  • Word Quest, a list of terms that children may not be familiar with
  • References to the Gospel Art Picture Kit, which will provide exciting visual aids
  • Suggested Questions to help you conduct a meaningful discussion with your children
  • Treasures of Knowledge, explanations that will further enhance the verses you just read

    The appendix is full of additional resources, including charts, maps, an explanation of who's who in the Book of Mormon, and 32 fun activities that you can use with many of the lessons provided.

    Don't get overwhelmed while planning a successful family home evening. Let this book help your family grow together and increase their knowledge of the Book of Mormon.