My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day

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""Daddy, look at me. I'm the cutest wedding girl in the world. Are you going to walk me down the aisle?""


""I can't walk you down the aisle, sweetheart, but I'll do something even better. I'll tell you a story about the day that you get married when you are all grown up.""

When a little girl, all dressed up in her mother's wedding veil, traipses into the room and asks her daddy to walk her down the aisle, her father instead tells her all about what her temple wedding will be like. From the beauty of the bride's room to the chandelier in the sealing room to taking pictures on the temple grounds, each page of this beautifully illustrated book describes the steps of a temple wedding.

In our world, civil weddings have been made to look magnificent and glamorous, but now this special book displays a few of the reasons a temple wedding is the most desirable kind of all.

My Wedding Day belongs in every LDS home to strengthen each child's commitment to be married in the temple one day.