Return to Mormonville

Return to Mormonville

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Return to Mormonville: Worlds Apart - Paperback


Author/Artist: Jeff Call

It has been more than two years since Luke Manning joined the Church and just over a year since he married Hayley.


Once a cynical New York reporter trying to get the ""scoop"" on the Mormons, Luke is now one himself, and he's determined to live a Christlike life.

On a new assignment in Sudan, Africa, as part of a humanitarian project, Luke realizes this isn't ""Mormonville"" anymore; in fact, Sudan is one of the most dangerous places in the world. But with a goal to further his career and be of good service, he plows ahead.

Seeking an injured man outside the safety of a refugee camp, Luke and fellow workers are ambushed and kidnapped by terrorists. Now he will learn what it means to be a true Christian as he tries to build relationships with his captors, modeling compassion and kindness in hopes of a release. But days turn into weeks and months, and Luke wonders if he'll ever hold Hayley in his arms again.

In this timely look at a troubling situation, Jeff Call takes us on a journey of profound importance, especially for all of us who want to learn what it means to stand for the right and yet ""turn the other cheek.""