Talking with God

Talking with God

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We all yearn for regular, meaningful communication with our Father in Heaven. And because he knows and loves us perfectly, he has provided an amazing vehicle by which we can converse with him, a means by which we can tap the deepest wellsprings of his knowledge, comfort, strength, and love.

That divine process is prayer, and it can make all the difference in our lives. As author Robert L. Millet observes, "Rewarding prayer is more than ritual an repetition. It is heartfelt, substantive, the very doorway to pure religion."

In his insightful way, Brother Millet helps us understand the true nature of prayer and its power to refine us and bind us to the Source of all blessings. From preparing for this sacred communion, to having faith that our prayers will be answered, to what to do when we don't feel like praying or when no clear answer comes, to following the admonition to pray always, we find here inspiring direction for exercising the sacred privilege of prayer.

Learning and applying the principles of effective prayer can bring to our conversations with God a new understanding and a welcome infusion of the Spirit. Brother Millet's humble testimony of these sacred interactions is a compassionate invitation to us to take full advantage of this divine gift.

Table of Contents
Did You Think to Pray?
1. Preparation for Prayer
2. The Lord's Prayer
3. In the Name of the Son
4. If God Knows All
5. Faith in Our Prayers
6. Answers to Prayer
7. When No Clear Answer Comes
8. Fasting and Prayer
9. When We Don't Feel Like Praying
10. Our Words Matter
11. Help from Those on the Other Side
12. Petitions God Delights to Honor
13. Surrender in Prayer
14. Prayer in Spirit
15. Not All Prayers Are Alike
16. Prayers of Gratitude
17. Vain Repetitions
18. Praying for Our Enemies
19. Luke's Gospel of Prayer
20. The Risen Lord Prays
21. God Speed the Right
Pray Always



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  • Published:  2010