The Enchanted Tunnel - Book 3: Journey to ...

The Enchanted Tunnel - Book 3: Journey to ...

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Author: Marianne Monson

Who is Yeshua? ...

Nathan and Aria are sure they will have another time-travel adventure as they crawl under the stage in the cultural hall. But nothing happens! Now the children must discover the secret that makes the tunnel work.

Soon they are on their way. After exiting the tunnel in Jerusalem, they encounter a kind boy named Yeshua. He looks so familiar to the children, almost as if they have met him before. They follow the boy through the twisting streets of Jerusalem and arrive in a place that is grander than anything they have ever imagined.

Experience the wonder of Jerusalem with Nathan and Aria as they discover Yeshua's true identity in this touching adventure of The Enchanted Tunnel series.


  • Size: 5x7½
  • Pages: 83
  • Published: 04/2011