The Enchanted Tunnel - Book 4: Wandering ...

The Enchanted Tunnel - Book 4: Wandering ...

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Author: Marianne Monson

Sand and sea and nothing to eat ...

After a close call with some nosy Boy Scouts, Nathan and Aria crawl through the tunnel under their church stage and into ... Arabia? The two meet up with Nephi and his family who have left Jerusalem in search of the Promised Land. Nathan and Aria soon learn that Nephi has broken his bow, and starvation threatens his family. When Nephi's family waivers in their faith, the twins act quickly to lend a hand and show their support of Nephi.

But will Nephi be able to help his family before it is time for the twins to return to the tunnel?

Learn how some people follow God's commandments even when times are tough in the fourth adventure of The Enchanted Tunnel series!


  • Size: 5x7
  • Pages: 85
  • Published: 04/2011