The House of the Lord (Paperback)

The House of the Lord (Paperback)

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One of the distinguishing practices of the Latter-day Saints is the building of temples. Temples were erected to the Lord in ancient Israel as well as in the meridian of time, but the last of these ancient temples was destroyed in a.d. 70.

Not until the gospel was restored in the nineteenth century, with its ancient powers and privileges, was the priesthood manifest again among men. And thus, not until this latter-day dispensation have temples-holy sanctuaries for sacred ordinances-been constructed again.

In The House of the Lord, the reader will find profound and informative discussions on the need for temples and modern temple ordinances, as well as historical data on temples constructed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In this edition, the editors have added to the appendix material brief descriptions of the temples that have already been dedicated since Elder James E. Talmage's death, as well as those that are under construction.

To faithful members of the Church this book bears testimony of the rewards of ordinance work in the temples of the Lord and the need for increased genealogical research. To all, it is an enlightening work that deserves a prominent place in every library.