The John Bytheway Collection - Vol. 3

The John Bytheway Collection - Vol. 3

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Product Description

Nine bestsellers on compact disc, plus one new talk never before published on DVD! A total value of $150.

It’s been twenty years since John Bytheway took center stage, and he’s been going strong ever since. This audio collection, including some of John's most recent work, is filled with even more Bytheway favorites!

  • Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Home
  • Earth Shakers
  • 5 Things You Can Do Today to Bless Your Marriage
  • We Seek After These Things
  • Farm Wisdom for City Folks
  • 5 Scriptures That Will Motivate You to Action
  • Get Up and Glow (first time on CD!)
  • Parable of the Marinade
  • Stand Ye in Holy Places
  • What's in Your Backpack? (DVD)