Understanding the Parables of Jesus Christ

Understanding the Parables of Jesus Christ

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Author: Jay A. Parry

Parables formed a significant part of Jesus' teaching ministry during his mortal life. And on the surface, parables appear to be simple stories, drawn from the flow of ordinary life in ancient Palestine, but if we are to understand more fully the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is essential that we understand the principles the Savior taught in his parables.

Authors Jay A. Parry and Donald W. Parry have selected thirty of Jesus' parables for close examination. Drawing upon latter-day scriptures and the teachings of modern prophets and apostles, as well as insights from other biblical scholars, the authors provide helpful commentaries about the content and layers of meaning to be drawn from these well-loved stories. With each parable they also include and insightful discussion on how we can apply the parable's teaching to ourselves.

What becomes apparent is that a casual reading of the parable is not sufficient to discover the deeper meanings embedded in them. "Just as parables conceal truth from the spiritually unprepared, parables also disclose truth to those who are spiritually able to receive it," the authors point out, as they invite us to prayerfully study the Savior's own declaration of how it is that we find "that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal" (D&C 42:61).



    1. The Sower and the Soils
    2. The Seed Growing by Itself
    3. The Wheat and the Tares
    4. The Mustard Seed
    5. The Leaven
    6. The Hidden Treasure
    7. The Pearl of Great Price
    8. The Gospel Net
    9. The Lost Sheep
    10. The Lost Coin
    11. The Prodigal Son
    12. The Unmerciful Servant
    13. The Good Samaritan
    14. The Friend at Midnight
    15. The Foolish Rich Man
    16. The Barren Fig Tree
    17. The Great Supper
    18. The Unrighteous Steward
    19. Lazarus and the Rich Man
    20. The Unprofitable Servant
    21. The Importunate Widow and Unjust Judge
    22. The Pharisee and the Publican
    23. The Laborers in the Vineyard
    24. The Pounds
    25. The Two Sons
    26. The Wicked Husbandmen
    27. The Royal Marriage Feast
    28. The Fig Tree
    29. The Ten Virgins
    30. The Talents
    31. Notes

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