Where Do Babies Come From? (Paperback)

Where Do Babies Come From? (Paperback)

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Product Description 

"Where do babies come from?" It’s a question almost every child asks – and one almost every parent dreads.

In reality, there is no need to dread the question, especially when armed with this gospel-centered book on sex education. Written by brad Wilcox, who has taught maturation clinics in elementary schools for years and authored the book Growing Up: Gospel Answers about Maturation and Sex, this book gives parents helpful ideas on how to talk with their children about sex. Parents will learn about the seven P's of sex education: 

  • Process - Look at teaching as a process
  • Personalize - Personalize the experience
  • Private - Speak in private
  • Probing - Ask probing questions
  • Point-blank - Offer point-blank information
  • Positive - Be positive about the subject
  • Perspective - Teach sexuality from a gospel perspective 

    The illustrated portion of the book provides parents with appropriate answers to questions typically asked by young children. Parents and older children can use the Question and Answer section at the back of the book as a guide in opening a more advanced discussion of these sensitive topics. Moms and dads will especially welcome the open dialogue this book promotes and the simple, gospel-oriented explanations it provides to help children understand the origins of life and appreciate the sacredness of our God-given creative powers.